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  • map-alpine-physical-therapyConnecting the dots between Alpine's 3 Missoula locations

    Alpine Physical Therapy is everywhere!

    We are everywhere, now that we've opened our third clinic. It’s in the heart of downtown Missoula on 150 E. Spruce St. in the Peak Health and Wellness Center.

    Having three locations in Missoula affords our clients easy access to our city’s top spot for orthopedic physical therapy.

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    Missoula’s top choice for physical therapy services designed specifically for women

    Each stage in a women's life is unique. Menses, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and menopause can all present periods of bodily change. These changes, while natural, can create issues that may not resolve on their own. Most people do not know that there is specialized treatment for this. Her Health therapists Tara Mund, DPT and Morgan York-Singer, DPT have been inspired to provide excellence in this burgeoning field to help women return to their desired level of function.

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    Committed to maximizing the performance of athletes of all ages and skill levels

    We apply the laws of physics to fully understand the spectrum of sports pursued by people in our community. Doing so ensures that we are able to maximize human movement and sport rehabilitation.

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    Why Us? Why Alpine?

    There is strength in numbers, especially when the numbers define you as the biggest, the best AND the leader among other similar businesses. Alpine is all of that . . . and more. For example:

    We have three locations with convenient access in north, south, and downtown Missoula.

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Sam writes:

At 19 years old I started my first job in the physical therapy field as a PT aide at Community Medical Center.  As part of my job duties I was fortunate enough to lead a breast cancer survivor pool therapy class.

This is where Ingrid and I met. She was at every class, grateful and positive about moving and strengthening while being around others who had beat breast cancer.  Ingrid's love, appreciation, and dedication for keeping her body and spirit strong post cancer inspired me to pursue PT school and provide more opportunities for folks like Ingrid. 

Sam Ingrid Fit to Fight

20 years from our first meeting I was greeted by this dear friend once again as she continues her fight and journey to become stronger than cancer with the Fit To Fight program.  This is yet another example of why we do what we do is so important. 

Ingrid said the pool class got cancelled several years ago and until finding the Fit To Fight program she has been lost.  She is so grateful for the program and is planning on joining the Peak Downtown after this session and hopes to continue with the Fit To Fight Alumni Program in 2016. 

Thank you all for making the program what it is and helping folks like Ingrid be stronger than ever!

We’ve asked our staff for the best reasons to ROCK PT REHAB AT ALPINE PT!  

Tired of your family, friends and teammates talking behind your back and saying how "Caddywampus" you are or that you are a bit "Cockeyed".  Come in to Alpine PT for pain relief to change their perception of you to "Oh My!  You look and move much better".

If your back feels "Out of Whack" Alpine PT is the place to go to restore normal movement and alignment and decrease pain.  Being "Out of Whack" is not something you have to live with when a Alpine Physical therapist can help you get rid of it.

If you have a "Hitch in your Giddyup" due to hip, knee or ankle problems see an Alpine Physical Therapist for manual therapy to decrease muscle tension and pain, receive expert gait training and instruction in the appropriate stretches and strengthening ex's and that "Hitch" will be a thing of the past.

When our staff is “Caddywampus” or has a “Hitch in our Giddyup”, as Dennis says, we Rock Physical Therapy at the best place in Missoula! 

3 Reasons I Slowly Roll My Rehab At Alpine by Brace

As a PT that has recently turned 40 and has been working in the field for 15+ years now, 5+ of which have been with Alpine PT, I'm unfortunately gaining in the "experiential learner" portion of my profession. I feel fortunate to get to 'walk-the-walk' on a daily basis as it said, and get into the gym to improve my strength, keep up my cardiovascular fitness and work on my dynamic balance. The pictures below capture a few recent summery moments that keep me striving to build up what my body naturally is trying to break

  1. Mandatory Mountain Top Jump on Stuart Peak - A hike'a'bike up one of the tallest peaks in the Rattlesnake Wilderness required a lot of water and pressing through tired and whiney legs. Luckily, the way down was much more refreshing and fun.
  2. huckleberry-huntingHuckleberry Hunting or Finding 'Ol Huckletooth - Finding and foraging on nature's little purple pearly goo-shots is a favorite annual hike past time. This does require a lot of lunging, deep squatting and concentrated dexterity.
  3. Click Your Heels for Marriage - Over the 4th of July I married my life companion in Glacier. This was a lifetime high point that took a lot the full triathlon of swimming in the crazy river of marriage planning,wedding biking around to keep my legs and head spinning at the same pace and running the gauntlet of marital magic.

Why Craig Rocks Rehab with Alpine

  1. Reduce my headaches so I can concentrate on stacks of EOBs
  2. Improve my shoulder strength so I can lift my future PT books
  3. Keep my core strong so I can carry bookshelves and desks up and down stairwells

Dodger Rocks the Beartooth Mountains, Thanks to Rehab at Alpine

Antara rocked my shoulder rehab at Alpine! Although my shoulder ROM and strength gradually improved over the last 6 months, my pain didn't. I figured shoulder pain was now the norm for me.

Not so!

I hit a new shoulder high when I secured my hiking boots and strapped on my "plus size" backpack this summer.

My destination?

hiking1Base camp, at the furthest possible hiking distance from any known road in to the Beartooth Mountains, a mere 19.5 miles. Basically, the whole experience was like some kind of phase IV of my rehab at Alpine. Here I am at the pinnacle of Pride Rock singing at the top of my lungs the Lion King's "Circle of Life."
In the end, my three buddies and I packed and hiked a total of 50 miles, traversed vertically over 8,900 feet (spending much time just under 10,000 feet), and caught 4 fish each. Kidding. We actually tallied over 400 fish that we caught and released, though we kept a few medium-sized fish to cook at camp.

fishingIn summary, here are a few of my top 10 reasons for Rockin' Your Rehab at Alpine:

  • Cast flies and lures in high mountain lakes for 6 plus hours a day without shoulder pain.
  • Carry a 35 plus pound backpack with absolutely no shoulder pain at all.
  • Bushwhack up (and then down) a 1.5 mile mountain face (see Lion King photo above) to be able to access a virgin lake and hook a pure strain golden trout that was nearly as big as the state record (see pic below). (And please disregard the fact that I mistook this fish for a cutthroat!)
  • Carry that same heavy backpack from base camp back to the rig . . . a total distance of 19.5 miles in exactly 9 hours.

Leah Rocks Rehab at All 3 Alpine Locations

As a physical therapist myself going to see someone else for my PT needs this past year has been enlightening. My own patients are surprised that as a PT I can still get hurt - but if becoming a PT means that you are exempt from injury I think there would be a lot more PTs out there! As a patient, I have learned many new treatment ideas to incorporate into my own practice and feel that I have a much better understanding of what it takes from the patient's side. I am truly a better PT because of my experience learning as a patient from some of the best in the West - Alpine PTs! I have been a patient at all 3 Alpine locations in the past 12 months, with back pain and after knee surgery and have to add that the attitudes and atmosphere created by the PTs and support staff definitely make a not so fun process truly enjoyable!

Jess’ Reasons to Rock Rehab…

  1. Keep my health & wellness up so I can be a happy and healthy mom/PT
  2. Work on my soccer legs, so I can keep up with the youngsters I'm coaching
  3. Step up my shoulder workouts so I can beat Brace in singles tennis next summer

Alanna Rocks Rehab for Results

I have rocked rehab with Alpine various times over the past 7 years.  Why?  Because…

  1. Positive Results!  I feel better and get stronger.
  2. I want to feel younger than I am, and keeping my body healthy will accomplish that!
  3. When I’m in pain, I am not at my best physically or mentally.  I want to concentrate on my kids, my work, my hobbies, my life…not pain.
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